Tour 3 – Countryside villages and polders

 Duration ~3h

The tour in a few words:

Only few minutes from the city center of Amsterdam, polders open their doors to you and surprise you by the beautiness of their villages and by their natural richness.

Programme of the tour:

We will start from central station and we will cross the IJ river by boat.  We will pass by the North of Amsterdam which became one of the new residential areas of the extending city, for then diving few minutes later in a very different environment, the one of the typical Dutch countryside villages.

We will ride along several dikes for afterwards entering into the inside lands or polders that they protect. In this way, we will discover various small villages, built between earth and canals. The occasion to get inspire by their prettiness and their peace before hitting the road to the big city.

The + of the tour:

  • A breath of fresh air in few pedal strokes of the Dutch capital city
  • Two short and lovely boat trips on the IJ river
  • Opening out to the polders world

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