Combination of two tours of your choice

Combination of two tours of your choice 

Duration: 6h/6h30

If you are hesitating between two tours, don’t worry, you can easily combine them ! 

  • Combination 1: Tour 1 and Tour 2:  If you want to discover Amsterdam and the beautiness of its surrounding countryside villages.
  • Combination 2: Tour 1 + Tour 3: If you are not only interested in the old History of Amsterdam but also in its new development.
  • Combination 3: Tour 2 + Tour 3: If you want to discover the surrounding countryside villages and the modern development of Amsterdam.

Tours schedule: All tours are possible at any season!
Every week I have different schedules, therefore please contact me as soon as you can and we will find a common time to enjoy a bike tour together.

+++ Free: On our way we will have a small break and we will enjoy
a cup of tea or coffee and a delicious Dutch “Stroopwafel”.

Languages: I provide tours in English and French.