Tour 1 
Along the Amstel river

This pleasant tour in the Dutch countryside is paced by the waves of the symbolic river of Amsterdam : the Amstel.

Along the Amstel

Duration ~ 3h30     ~ 25km

The Amstel river is charecterized by the pleasure boats navigating on its waters, the houseboats mooring on its banks, between windmills and natural lanscapes.

It is also for you the occasion to discover two of the emblems of the Netherlands: the   Gouda cheese and the  wooden shoes (clogs).

Program of the tour

The tour starts from the city centre of Amsterdam and head towards South of the city. We will pass through different universes offered by the capital city (old city, popular and universitarian quarters, business district) for then arrive on the Amstel river banks after only 20 minutes ride.

We will ride in the wonderful Dutch countryside with its water windmills from the 17th century, its polders and their grazing cows, its typical village lining the Amstel. We will head towards a local farm which is both an artisanal cheese dairy and a  wooden shoe factory

Their, we will take a break and will discover the Dutch artisanal savoir faire, such as making the world famous Gouda cheese (king cheese of the Netherlands) or making the wooden shoes.

The + of the  tour:

Discovery of a life with, on and beside water, characteristic of the ducth people. 

Tasting of different local cheeses.

Discovery of the way of working of a wooden shoe maker.

A breath of fresh air in few pedal strokes of the Dutch capital city

Tour 1 Along the Amstel river

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