Tour 5
Street Art

Go out of the city centre to come to discover the “N.D.S.M” area at the North of Amsterdam. This ancient shipyard has been transformed in an enormous open air museum of Street Art and has become a trendy place for Amsterdammers.

Program of the tour

The tour starts from the Central station area and head towards North of Amsterdam.We will take the public ferry on the IJ river to reach the N.D.S.M harbour. 

There, we will ride through the big spaces and huge warehouses of the old shipyard where we will observe hundreds of works on walls, containers, polls, etc…

All this will be done in a quirky environment which has become one of the most appreciated place to be of the capital of the Netherlands.

The + of the tour

Introduction of the Street Art World with its different works made by artists from all around the world.

Discovery of a surprising quarter of Amsterdam and its very different atmosphere comparing with the old part of the city.

Two lovely boat trips on the IJ river.